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North Canterbury Schools - Rangiora and Oxford

Adding some wow to four new classroom buildings at different schools in North Canterbury, the Paintworks Canterbury Limited team over-saw the gib fixing, stopping, and painting on this expansive project for Corbel Construction. Each school posed it's own challenges, however the end results speak for themselves with colours that complement the Autex wall panels, exposed painted steelwork, feature carpet, and the soon to arrive classroom furniture. The North Canterbury Schools project spanned approximately six months, from the end of 2016 to May 2017.

Kidsfirst West Rolleston

The Paintworks Canterbury Ltd team completed the interior and exterior painting and staining work on the brand new Kidsfirst West Rolleston building in October 2017 for Hann Construction Company. With a blend of neutral colours inside to help accentuate the Autex panels, then beautifully stained cedar on the exterior, multi-coloured hard cladding, etc. this project came up exceptionally well.

ECAN - Environment Canterbury offices, Christchurch CBD

In late 2015, the team at Paintworks Canterbury Ltd undertook the task of working alongside Naylor Love Construction to complete the interior and exterior painting of the ECAN Environment Canterbury offices at 200 Tuam Street, Christchurch CBD. Spanning quite a number of months, this large project involved various skills from our workforce to achieve the final outstanding result, with over 6,500 man hours of painting work carried out.

Weatherboard House

This weatherboard house on Grants Road in Papanui, Christchurch, required a little bit of TLC. The owners entrusted Paintworks Canterbury Ltd to do a full repaint of the exterior of this house. This included extensive scaffolding, a power disconnection, and skills with spray equipment, and of course, brush and roller techniques.

Pool Painting

In late 2017, the Christchurch City Council required the services of Paintworks Canterbury Ltd to repaint a number of pools around Christchurch, Governors Bay and Lyttelton. Utilising a number of years of experience painting pools, the company offered two options - regular chlorinated rubber, or the longer lasting epoxy option. The largest project - the approx. 1200sqm Waltham Pool was one chosen for the exopy option, meaning that the floor and walls required over 400 man-hours to grind it back to bare concrete. Included in the project was crack repairs.

South Point Shopping Centre - Rolleston

Early 2017, the team painted the brand new Faringdon shopping centre, named South Point. Located in Rolleston, this shopping complex comprised of a dance studio, mens hair salon, convenience store, bar and restaurants, plus various retail stores. We worked on this project for Hann Construction Company.

Christ's College Kitchen Tower

Contracted by the team at Naylor Love Construction, The Paintworks Canterbury Ltd team worked day and night, plus weekends, to get this project completed within a tight timeframe. The Kitchen Tower project involved a full renovation and rejuvination of this heritage building. We supplied the gib fixing and stopping along with the painting and intumescent fire coatings on this stunning project. With a commercial kitchen on the ground floor, staff amenities, bathrooms, and meeting rooms on the first floor, additional meeting and board rooms on the second level, then finally an attic with office on the top floor.

Elmswood Retirement Village

Working alongside Hann Construction Company, Paintworks Canterbury Limited carried out the painting on the large new Elmswood Retirement Village wing with Nurses stations, various lounges, bedrooms with en-suite facilities, etc. With a large internal area to paint, we also carried out feature wallpapering, applied polyurethane to handrails and trims, and exterior painting.

Chinese Methodist Church

The Chinese Methodist Church situated in Merivale, Christchurch is a beautiful new building designed with the Methodist parish and surrounding community in mind. In the 2011 earthquake the original church was sadly damaged beyond repair. Paintworks Canterbury Ltd has been involved in the painting & decorating of this building working alongside Hann Construction. The finish in this building is outstanding and it was a great privilege to work alongside a large team toward the completion of this awesome facility.  

Alpine View Care Centre

We have been working closely with Alpine View Care Centre for some time now and have a committed system in place - just like we promise. Safety and the care of the residents in the beautiful facility is essential to carrying out the ongoing painting and decorating needs here. The staff there are an amazing team to work with and the staff at Paintworks Canterbury Ltd very much enjoy going to Alpine View Care Centre to paint and decorate. 

Christ's College School - Maintenance Program

Paintworks Canterbury Ltd has successfully maintained the interior & exterior painting of these unique historical buildings. We have recently completed extensive maintenance & continue to service this beautiful facility 

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete rebuilt a brand new facility & Paintworks Canterbury Ltd undertook all of the painting and decorating for this commercial building. Paintworks Canterbury Ltd managed this project very well and provided an excellent finish both interor and exterior. 

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