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We are your painting, decorating and property maintenance specialists in Canterbury and beyond, with over 20 years of experience providing top results and quality services in our industry. We understand that painting is one of the most important features of a building. It maintains its practicality and beauty, as well as extending its life – thus saving you time and money into the future. We are a Canterbury owned & operated business, here for the long haul and we work hard to ensure our clients are significantly better off for using our service.

Resthomes and Retirement Centres: We care like no other - Our Promise

We have a committed and reputable care system like no other! Focusing solely on elderly, vulnerable groups and the public's health, safety and comfort throughout the entire project. Working on the live operational sites within the confines of schools, healthcare facilities and public places brings with it a unique set of health, safety, security, and time management requirements. Each of which requires specialised attention in order to complete the project with minimum impact on your facilities daily operation. Paintworks Canterbury Ltd has a commitment to not only producing excellent workmanship & service at a competitive price . Our reputation is built on our promise of caring for your people 

A Stressless Experience

This is the difference our clients enjoy; we take the stress out of your project for you by providing you with a reliable, regular service whenever you need us. We strive to set a higher standard of workmanship and service in every area of our business – from communication, organising and setting up the work site, to completing projects to exacting standards.


We have a quality team of professionals who carry out our work in an expedient manner under the direct supervision of our site project manager and operations team. Our safe, courteous and highly professional tradespeople work with you – when you want it, how you want it – throughout your whole project.

Working with people is our speciality. We are heavily experienced in completing projects in these areas and go the extra mile to provide a safe, comfortable experience by catering to the specific needs of the particular facility we are working on, allowing operations to carry on every day.

More than your average contractor, our team cares about all aspects of each project


Paintworks Canterbury is fully covered for Accident Compensation Insurance, Public Liability and Health and Safety Policy, Paintworks Canterbury are SiteSafe approved too!

Colour Range

We use a large range of paint manufacturers depending on the specification for each job, and can go through all the options with you before commencement to ensure you get the right colour mix and paint type for your project.


Our products have a manufacturers warranty that varies between 2 to 10 years, quality workmanship ensures,  your peace of mind.


We come from one of Christchurch’s oldest Painting companies. With over 20 years of experience in the industry we are able to provide the technical knowledge and expertise required to provide best finish for your application.


Paintworks Canterbury is a Resene Eco.Decorator We are a company who cares about the environment and impacting on it as little as possible. . The Resene Eco.Decorator programme has been designed to recognise a nationwide network of environmentally responsible, quality focussed painting contractors. Only contractors who successfully meet these standards can promote themselves as an authentic Resene Eco.Decorator. Resene has for many years actively improved the sustainability of their products and systems, and to help us enable a sustainable approach to painting

Facility Maintenance - But not as you know it !

We are here to take care of your painting and maintenance so you can focus on what really counts.

We here at Paintworks Canterbury understand that Painting and Maintenance in a school, rest home or factory setting can be a tedious and time consuming job for the people that have to organise these projects. We offer building maintenance services and provide a plan that ensures all of your maintenance is taken care of.

Our plans is unique in the fact that it caters to your specific needs whilst being 100% flexible and giving you as little or as much control as you require. 

We plan your projects with regular consultation with your team and take into account the specific needs of your budgets and expectations. 

We offer a no obligation free consultation to go over your entire property and budget and work out the best way to get your property maintained and painted.

You can be rest assured that your maintenance will be undertaken with top level workmanship and excellent service – All part of the higher standard we proudly stand by. 

What are the benefits of using Paintworks Canterbury Ltd to take care of your maintenance? 

There are many benefits to regular maintenance however we like to focus on offering you a month by month specific plan for all your painting needs, whats more you are not locked into an endless contract of numerous years - we tailor your plan to suit your facility and needs. 

  • No lengthy contracts.
  • Free consultation and maintenance plan
  • A complete interior and exterior building maintenance plan which includes the supply and management of the following trades: Builders, Electricians, Plumbers, Exterior Plasterers, Carpet/Vinyl installers, Scaffold and access equipment. 
  • A custom made maintenance plan that is exclusive to your site and flexible to meet your budget needs.
  • There will be no fixed payments as all work that needs doing will be discussed on site, quoted and presented to you for your consideration.
  • All work will be done on a needs base through consultation with Paintworks Canterbury and yourselves

What does our service cover? 

  • Interior & Exterior Painting , Wallpaper hanging, Graffiti Removal and coatings, Building cleaning, Moss removal, Waterproofing, Swimming pool painting, Texture coating, Roof coatings, Floor coatings, Concrete and floor grinding.
  • We are a company who cares about the environment and impacting on it as little as possible. To this end we are a registered Resene Eco Decorator.Resene has for many years actively improved the sustainability of their products and systems, and to help us enable a sustainable approach to painting.
  • A plan tailored specifically to the needs of your property. 
  • A personalised experience you can rely on. 
  • Top level workman ship coupled with excellent service and employing technologies at the leading edge of the industry all lead to the highest standards which we stand by and our clients benefit from.

The Resene Eco.Decorator programme has been designed to recognise a nationwide network of environmentally responsible, quality focussed painting contractors. Painting contractors can choose to undergo assessment for the Resene Eco.Decorator programme, which includes assessments of principles in practice, sustainable work practices, waste management, project plans and project sign off processes. Only contractors who successfully meet these standards can promote themselves as an authentic Resene Eco.Decorator.


We offer a highly competitive, professional service, that I know you as the client, will be happy with.


Case Studies

Chinese Methodist Church

The Chinese Methodist Church situated in Merivale, Christchurch is a beautiful new building designed with the Methodist parish and surrounding community in mind. In the 2011 earthquake the original church was sadly damaged beyond repair. Paintworks Canterbury Ltd has been involved in the painting & decorating of this building working alongside Hann Construction. The finish in this building is outstanding and it was a great privilege to work alongside a large team toward the completion of this awesome facility.  

Cathedral Square Upgrade - The cultural heart of the city

Cathedral Square has always been a community focal point in Christchurch, a place where people come together and a place that has seen numerous historical events

After the Canterbury Quakes the square became off limits to the public until it reopened in June 2013. Paintworks Canterbury Ltd has recently worked closely with the Christchurch City Council in creating and re-vitalising this iconic public space by undertaking all of the painting required in the seating areas and new space established for art and cultural performances. We are here for Canterbury and proud to be part of bringing life back into the city 

Christchurch City Council

Paintworks Canterbury Ltd is proud to maintain CCC Recreation & Sports Centres Christchurch wide. Particular projects completed include the Jellie Park complex, Pioneer Pool complex and the Botanic Gardens childrens pool. Working and maintaining these facilities is part of Paintworks Canterbury Ltd specialty as they require an extensive standard of safety to the public and personnel when working in and around these facilities. 

Alpine View Care Centre

We have been working closely with Alpine View Care Centre for some time now and have a committed system in place just like we promise… Safety and the care of the residents in the beautiful facility is essential to carrying out the ongoing painting and decorating needs here. The staff there are an amazing team to work with and the staff at Paintworks Canterbury Ltd very much enjoy going to Alpine View Care Centre to paint and decorate. 

Christ's College School - Maintenance Program

Paintworks Canterbury Ltd has successfully maintained the interior & exterior painting of these unique historical buildings. We have recently completed extensive maintenance & continue to service this beautiful facility 

Heart of the arts Precinct - Cowlishaw Mews

Cowlishaw Mews is situated in Christchurch City, a high profile building on the corner of Montreal St & Worcester Boulevard. Paintworks Canterbury Ltd successfully painted the entire exterior of this building. We are proud to show a high level of quality & efficiency on every project we complete, just like this one!

Pool Painting

Paintworks Canterbury Ltd succesfully refurbished the school pool at St Bedes College, The end results of this completed project were simply outstanding! 

As you can see in the before & after shots in this recently completed project. 

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete rebuilt a brand new facility & Paintworks Canterbury Ltd undertook all of the painting and decorating for this commercial building. Paintworks Canterbury Ltd managed this project very well and provided an excellent finish both interor and exterior. 

Site Safe

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